Thursday, August 26, 2010

Frosttown Gap and the Meaning of Stewardship

The Frederick News post ran a story today on the purchase of 97 additional acres for the South Mountain Battlefield here in Maryland. Read the story here -

While our neighbors to the north cannot seem to understand the trust they have been given to preserve and protect a national treasure, Maryland has leveraged funds available through Program Open Space to enhance an important site of the Antietam Campaign. Way to go, Maryland, and thanks to part time Ranger John Miller, who spearheaded this effort.

Why is it so much of Adams County doesn't get it? Some people need a lesson in stewardship. The heritage entrusted to them entails the responsibility to maintain the integrity of the battlefield against short-term, and short-sighted, development opportunities. But economics trumps everything, right? Wrong. Especially the kind of voodoo economics that ignores the adverse impacts to other local economies faced with the same choice who made the wrong decision. So how about it, Adams County?

By the way, to those you in Adams County working to prevent this travesty, thank you.


Jim Rosebrock said...

Thats great news about obtaining additional land around Frosttown Gap. Do you how close it is to the stop we made on the SHAF tour?

Jim Rosebrock said...

Thats good news Steve. Is that land near the Mt Tabor Church cemetery?

Steven Mynes said...


I'm not sure of the exact location, but the article indicates the parcel offers a great view of the valley to the east, so I think it is at near the stop on the SHAF tour