Monday, August 23, 2010

Cold Harbor and a Note on Droid Blogging

I am back home after a long drive yesterday that included a quick stop at Cold Harbor. The works in the photo are those of Hoke's division short distance from the Visitors Center. A fitting end to a great weekend as Home's troops fought at Plymouth, Wilmington, and Wyse Fork, all stops on our tour. I'll have more substantial posts on several these sites over the next couple of weeks. Cold Harbor has changed great deal since my last visit, and is now on my list of sites to get back to soon. There's more to the story than just seven minutes of slaughter.

One final "note from the field." I downloaded Blogaway Lite after some issues uploading photos with my other client. Blogaway has been flawless. I enjoy the immediacy of posting during or shortly after a visit. I would have posted more on site, but since I had a buddy along, it wasn't always convenient or polite to be tapping away on my new toy. And sometimes it's best to put the darn thing away and take in your surroundings.

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