Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Bentonville 145th Anniversary

With event planning for the sesquicentennial in full swing, let's not forget we are still commemorating the 145th anniversaries of the major events of 1865. This weekend, Bentonville Battlefield hosts living history encampments, battle reenactments, and several lectures of note, including two by historian Mark L. Bradley on the actions of March 19, 1865 featured in the reenactments,Last Grand Charge of the Army of Tennessee and Morgan's Stand.

While I am in North Carolina, I hope to visit Kinston to take in the battlefield at Wyse's Fork, where Bragg's forces let slip their last opportunity to deal a serious blow to Schofield's forces on their march from Wilmington to link up with Sherman. I may also have time to stop by the CSS Neuse museum.

By all acounts, this weekend should provide the perfect opportunity to dust off the old hiking boots (not to mention this blog) and open the 2010 touring season. I can't wait.