Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Welcoming a Friend

I've been distressed lately by a number of postings on Civil War related blogs that, in my view, have descended to the level of personal attacks. I guess this is inevitable given the passion still surrounding the war, preservation, and a host of other related issues.

So I am happy to welcome a friend to the blogosphere. Dylan Hyde, a reader of my blog, has started his own blog, Muddy Boots. I met Dylan at the Antietam Anniversary hike in September. His focus, though similar to my own, has a unique flair for local history, aided by his use of the diary of Jacob Engelbrecht, a resident of Frederick during the war. Recent postings include diary entries concerning John Brown's raid on Harper's Ferry.

Welcome, Dylan. I hope you find, as I have, that a great spirit of cameraderie exists among the battlefield enthusiasts in the blogosphere. Happy tromping!


Dylan Hyde said...

Steven - Thank you so much for your very kind welcome. I really enjoyed trekking Antietam in your company, and am grateful for your gentle nudges in the blogging direction. Hope to see you on the field again soon! Have a safe, warm, fantastic holiday. -Dylan

Steven Mynes said...

Happy Holidays to you as well, Dylan. I hope you enjoy blogging as much as I have, even if my focus shifts away at times :-)

Hope to see you in the field when Spring returns!